Content Writer Programme


What is the Content Writer Programme or CWP ?

LearnX develops contents through our content writer programme or 'CWP' in short. In CWP, we commission content writing projects as contracts (work for hire) to subject experts in the particular field/topic which we require.

What type of projects are generally commissioned through CWP ?

  • Development of Theory 
  • Development of Exercise Questions
  • Development of Practice Tests
  • Solving Previous Years Question Papers

How is Content Writers selected ?

We receive expressions of interest from individuals with expertise in various subjects to work with us. We also run social media campaigns to collect potential leads and once the campaign goal is reached, we invite the candidates to participate in our online 'Screening Test'. We select content writers based on their performance in the screening test.

What is the eligibility to become a content writer for LearnX ?

Relevant academic background of the candidates are considered but we do not use it as a strategic parameter to filter-out/select talents. Performance in the screening test is the prime eligibility criterion.

What type of questions are asked in the screening test ?

Screening tests conducted may differ in pattern from subject to subject. Generally, there are 2 sections for every screening test:

  1. Subject Aptitude Test: To measure the aptitude of the candidate in the subject he/she has applied for.
  2. Language Proficiency Test: To measure all requisite ‘writing’ skills in english language.


I do not have prior experience or know-how to format contents as per the publishing standards. Will I be eligible as a content writer ?

Candidates with prior experience in content writing are preferred but it is not a prerequisite for participation in our CWP. We assign coordinators to instruct and offer technical support to the content writers throughout the contract period.

What will be the approximate turn around time of contracts and the cycle of payments ?

Turn around time of contracts will depend upon the type of project, its complexity, scope and scale. For ‘Development of Theory’ projects, it may take anywhere between 8 to 12 months and for minor projects such as ‘Solving Previous Years Question Papers’ (of 3 sets) are generally contracted for 3 weeks or less. The data furnished here is just for a rough estimate.

Payment cycles also depend upon many factors - Nature of project, turn around time etc…Usually there will be an upfront payment of 10% of the total project cost upon signing of the ‘Content Writer Agreement’ and part payments (against scheduled part submissions) disbursed on a monthly basis amounting to around 70-80% of the total project cost and remaining amount will be released immediately upon final submission and signing of ‘Release Form’ and ‘Copyright Transfer Agreement’.

Am I obliged to pay tax from the proceeds of the contract ?

All transactions must comply with applicable tax laws of India. Both TDS and GST are applicable in the contracts.

According to TDS rate chart for FY 2019-2020 (AY 2020-2021), ‘Payment of Professional Fees other than call centers’ is subject to TDS as per Section 194J.

TDS rate for
(a) Individual and HUF: 10%
(b) Other than Individual/HUF: 10%
(c) If PAN is not submitted/Invalid PAN: 20%

Threshold Limit for Deducting Tax
Basic cut off p.a. Is Rs.30,000/-
If the payment is greater than INR 30,000 in a year then tax has to be deducted.

In most cases, a content writer is a GST non-registered supplier (of service) rendering professional service (SAC: 998399) which is subjected to 18% GST and remittance to be done in a reverse charge mechanism by the buyer (LearnX in this case) of the service. 

Can I review the contract agreement(s) prior to participating in the CWP Screening Test ?

Of Course. You may request a copy of the contract agreement(s) in writing to the email: